Monuments and Pumpkins

Fourth graders are combining science, descriptive writing, and worship. As scientists, they learn many facts about the five senses. As writers, they carve pumpkins and then write a paper about the experience, making sure they describe what the pumpkin looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, and sounds like when they cut it. Later in chapel, they recount their lesson, adding in Bible verses that talk about each of the 5 senses God has blessed us with.



Kindergarten goes to the pumpkin patch on a muddy day. They don’t care!


They take a nap on the way back to school.

Sixth graders are presenting projects to culminate their unit on amendments and voting. Students review what they know – how to vote, the electoral college, and who can vote. They watch a quick brain pop on democracy and take notes on the difference between a representative and direct democracy. Students then present their projects. I learn that the poll tax was removed during my lifetime. Next, I learn that during the last election we voted to let Puerto Rico become a state. If it is approved by congress, we will have 51 states. This fact has students talking about how our flag will change. As students finish their presentations, they bow and their classmates clap for them.


Junior Kindergartners are celebrating the end of their farm study with a hoe down!


First grade spends their “Fantastic Friday” studying bats. They learn that bats eat fruit, that there are 45 different kinds of bats in America, and that some bats hibernate. Friday is filled with bat games, snacks and facts. No Bat Day would be complete without a bat mask!


Second grade finishes an animal research project! They have learned how to find information, answer questions, and cite their source. After learning about an animal, each student creates (and proudly shows off) the animal’s habitat.


The halls are filled with United States monuments and symbols! Each 3rd grader has the chance to stand up and present his or her monument to the class. Afterwards, they parade around the school so we can all see the wonderful symbols and monuments so important to our country. On Veteran’s Day, the residents of the St. Paul Retirement Center will enjoy many of these monuments as our third graders show off their creative costumes to the residents.